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DUMILE "Horses", 1967 - charcoal on paper - 247x102 cm - Priv. Coll. London  DUMILE "Tree of Life", undated - charcoal on paper - 185x102 cm - Coll. Ralo Family  DUMILE "Girl and boy", undated - charcoal on paper - 233x102 cm - Priv. Coll., London

DUMILE "The people when we respect - to my Boy", 1968 - pen on paper - 36x38 cm (Coll. Johannesburg Art Gallery)  DUMILE "Window", undated - charcoal and chalk on paper - 208x102 cm - Priv. Coll.  DUMILE "Figure study with bowl", 1964 - watercolour and charcoal - 54x36.5 cm (Priv. Coll, Cape Town)

DUMILE "Two ladies with children in arms", 1966 - conté - meas. n/a - Priv. coll.  DUMILE "Woman and chimpanzee", undated - watercolour and crayon - 61x46 cm (Priv. Coll., Cape Town)  DUMILE "Penny whistler", 1969 - pen & ink - 31.2x18.7 cm - Coll. Constitutional Court of SA, Johannesburg, acq. 2003

DUMILE "Musician playing bass, with onlooker", 1978 - double-sided pen&ink + wash - 40x49 cm (Constitutional Court Art Coll., Johannesburg)  DUMILE "Violinist", 1978 - pen&ink + wash - 43x27 cm (Constitutional Court Art Coll., Johannesburg)  DUMILE "Bass player", 1978 - pen & ink and pencil - 39x49 cm - Constitutional Court of SA Art Coll., Johannesburg

DUMILE "Untitled" (After the verdict), 1974 - wash + pen&ink - 46x39 cm - Priv. coll.  DUMILE "Head" , 1971 - bronze (6 cast), 52cm H, not all casts were numbered or signed, cast by Fiorini, London between 1972 and 1975  DUMILE "The flower", 1967 - pen&ink and pastel - 15x20 cm (Priv. coll.)

A descriptive title for easier identification has sometimes been added to the given titles, as DUMILE's original titles are often no longer known.

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